Wednesday 29 September 2021

Last Wednesday Fellowship

Last Wednesday Fellowship:  Wednesday, September 29th  in the Fellowship Hall at 6PM.

This month we welcome a special guest,  Derrick Solomon, Executive Director of Hard Bargain Association

HBA is working together with the residents of this historic neighborhood to restore and rebuild it into what their vision is for the neighborhood and its future. We do this by having regular community meetings, design workshops, and having residents of the neighborhood on our board of directors and advisory board. Volunteers help in various ways including doing rehab projects on homes (repairs, painting, roofing, etc…) landscaping, gardening, clean up,  fundraising events and other volunteer projects.

The emphasis is on restoring the current community and not allowing gentrification of this historic neighborhood. HBA repairs existing homes and offers quality, affordable homes for purchase to people who have not been able to attain the dream of home ownership. This is possible with the help of donated services and materials, volunteer labor, and financial contributions.

Please join us for this opportunity to sit down and sup together and learn more about this wonderful organization in our community.

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