By pooling church resources with private and public sectors, GraceWorks was able to provide more help for many needs to better serve our community, rather than duplicating efforts.  Today, GraceWorks has expanded upon these relationships to establish a referral network with other agencies to provide help for immediate needs and long-term resources. GraceWorks has four program areas that make up the acronym F.I.S.H. — family supportinstructional programsseasonal needs and hunger prevention.  Graceworks also has a thrift store, which supplies inexpensive used clothes and household goods, as well as providing a source of income for the ministry.

In 2017 Graceworks helped over 3500 neighbors with rent or utility payments. Over 7000 neighbors were served by providing needed food.  Over 24,000 bags of weekend food were provided to neighbors through the Student Fuel Bags program.

How we help:   There is a line item in our budget each year to support Graceworks.  We routinely collect food and have groups that volunteer in the food pantry.  At Christmas, we donate gifts for the Manger program, as well as volunteering at that event.  Individuals from our congregation also volunteer in the food pantry, the thrift store and serve on the Board of Directors.

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