Dr. Tharwat, as he’s commonly known, is head of the Mission Department at the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo (ETSC) and serves as Chair of the Pastoral and Outreach Ministries Council of the Evangelical (Presbyterian) Church of Egypt. He has a deep love and passion for evangelism, the church, and Jesus Christ. His warm and inviting personality makes everyone feel special.

Dr. Tharwat is a graduate student at ETSC, and holds a PhD from the London School of Theology. His view of the church and God’s power to accomplish anything led to his growing vision of a church that was reaching out. In a country where Christians are 10% of the population, Tharwat saw the church as something more than a beleaguered minority, moving from a “survival” mentality to a “missionary” mentality.

Later appointed as head of the church’s Pastoral and Outreach Ministries Council, Dr. Tharwat led the Synod in an unprecedented focus of new church development and church revitalization. New churches were started while rural churches were revitalized with the appointment of recent seminary graduates to those locations.

But he did not stop at his own borders. Dr. Tharwat, confident in the Lord’s call to the church in Egypt, began casting yet another vision: mobilizing the Presbyterian Church of Egypt for mission and evangelism internationally. Since then and through its own resources, the Synod of the Nile has worked to strengthen the church in Iraq, Gaza and South Sudan.